About Fraterworks

    Our creative director and chief perfumer, Jamie Frater, creates products for perfumers to use in their fragrances and cosmetics. From historic bases (using genuine formulas and masterful restorations) and modern bases that give creators access to special raw materials not otherwise available at affordable prices, to perfumery colours for tinting your scents.

    All of our bases are made with the highest quality materials. Our essential oils and absolutes are the finest in the industry and we seek out the best quality in aroma chemicals in all cases. We never skimp so you can be assured of quality.

    While we occasionally quote from the published musings of Philip Craft (Givaudan), the late Steffen Arctander (IFF and one-time British spy), Arcadi Boix Camps (Auram) and others within the Allured family of writers, we have no affiliation or relationship with those authors, their companies or Allured Business Media.

    Fraterworks is an official member of IFRA and the Flavour & Fragrance Association of Australia and New Zealand.

    Fraterworks is the official New Zealand representative of Tournaire, suppliers of aluminium bottles to the flavours and fragrance industry since 1833. For more information contact sales@tournaire.co.nz.

    Fraterworks® is a registered trademark [No 1225008] of Frater Perfumes Ltd.

    Our Bases

    Our bases are all manufacturered in New Zealand at the Fraterworks Lab (unless stated as being made in Grasse to our specifications). Most of our bases are original creations of perfumer Jamie Frater. The exception is the array of historic bases we sell. We possess an enormous library of original formulas resulting from generous donations from perfumers within the industry who desire, as we do, to see these historic masterpieces survive cancellation resulting from industry price increases or government regulations.

    When reconstructing a classical base which contains materials now extinct, prohibited or restricted to trace amounts, we take great care in sympathetically replacing those parts to create new forms of the original which are completely compliant with modern regulations but true to the spirit of the original perfumer, whether it be Jean Carles, Ernest Beaux or any of the other great artists from the golden era of fine fragrance.

    We are entirely independent and all of our bases are crafted by Fraterworks. We do not sell bases from external companies except those clearly labelled as such in our Aroma Chemicals collection.

    Our Staff

    Jamie Frater

    Creative Director

    Mr Frater is a self-taught perfumer based in New Zealand. A curator at heart, Frater is driven by a desire to collect the finest raw materials and unite them in luxurious fragrances and bases. In addition to Fraterworks, Mr Frater is the chief perfumer of Frater Perfumes.

    Paul Limcangco

    Operations Director

    Coming from a background in Architecture, Mr Paul Limcangco, MArch (Prof), is the operational wizard of Fraterworks. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the business running optimally. Mr Limcangco also manages the retail fragrance side of the Frater brands.


    Notre directeur de création Jamie Frater élabore des produits utilisés par les parfumeurs dans leurs fragrances et leurs produits cosmétiques. Des bases historiques (utilisant les formules originales et des revisites magistrales) ainsi que des bases modernes permettant aux créateurs et créatrices d’accéder à des matières premières spéciales non disponibles autrement à des prix abordables, aux couleurs de parfumerie pour teinter vos senteurs.

    Toutes nos bases sont fabriquées avec des matériaux de la plus haute qualité. Nos huiles essentielles et absolues sont les meilleures de l'industrie et nous sommes constamment à la recherche de la meilleure qualité dès que des substances synthétiques entrent en jeu. Nous n’acceptons aucun compromis, afin que vous puissiez être assuré de la qualité.

    Fraterworks® est une marque déposée de Frater Perfumes Ltd.