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    Aroma Chemicals

    Norlimbanol® Dextro

    Norlimbanol® Dextro

    CAS: 70788-30-6
    Supplier: Firmenich
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    Firmenich's Norlimbanol® Dextro is the purest form of the desirable dextro isomer of norlimbanol (timberol) on the market. It has a radiance and power that is unequalled. In traces this boosts the woody and ambery notes of a fragrance, with an impact from top to bottom.

    Nolimbanol® Dextro blends beautifully with Sandexol®, Ambre Royal, Ambrexol™ and Royal Leather.

    Appearance: Colourless viscous liquid
    Longevity: Lasts > 2 weeks on a smelling strip. View full details

    "Norlimbanol is maybe the most elegant woody chemical ever discovered. There are many, of course, but to my mind, I would put upon the altar of perfection — along with amber ketal, Norlimbanol and Dextro Norlimbanol, Hydroxyambran, Ambrocenide, Georgywood, Limbanol, Boisanol and Ysamber K — as one of the top and greatest woody-ambery chemicals in the world. Norlimbanol pleases the spirit. It is a perfume by itself; I like it in a 1 percent solution. It is the longest lasting material, excluding Hydroxyambran and amber ketal. I cannot really make a woody note without its contribution.

    Accords with Woolfwood are soft and nice and flow like “angels in the heavens.” There is no need to mention where Norlimbanol and Dextro Norlimbanol are used since there are hundreds of perfumes. Still, I must publicly express to the chemists of Firmenich my warmest thanks and congratulations for having offered those jewels to the realm of perfumery. Nothing is as smooth as Dextro Norlimbanol. It is slightly better than straight Norlimbanol. It is not that much stronger than its straight counterpart, though it is indeed stronger. Accords of Nor Limbanol with sandalwood chemicals are unsurpassed.

    Mixtures of the accords with Firsantol, Nirvanol, Javanol, Brahmanol, myrrhone (another jewel that will cause a positive earthquake in our potential future possibilities) and Mysoral are pure and eclectic beauty. They have contributed to the evolution of perfumery and are key elements that pioneered the actual trend in our great and present creations. They will last for a very, very long time.

    The Norlimbanols are weaker than Limbanol, but in spite of it, the unsurpassed beauty of all three chemicals is simply paramount. I would just add that if I could chose only one woody chemical I would choose Dextro Norlimbanol, which I consider absolutely the finest of all."

    A. B. Camps. Perfumery: Techniques In Evolution. Part V, Perfumer & Flavorist vol. 29, September 2004, Carol Stream: Allured Publishing Corporation, 1995.


    📂 CAS N° 70788-30-6
    ⚖️ MW: 226 g/mol
    👃🏼 Odour Type: Amber, powder, cedar, woody
    📈 Odour Strength: High
    🔎 Appearance: Colourless viscous liquid
    ⏳ Longevity: Lasts > 2 weeks on a smelling strip
    📙 Synonyms: Timberol, norlimbanol, karmawood

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