Patchouli At Fraterworks

    Patchouli is a specialty product for Fraterworks being something of an infactuation of our founder Jamie Frater. Over the years we have compared the myriad patchouli offerings within each of the key types from the major global suppliers; we have picked the very best for sale here. We trust these products so much that we use them exclusively in our bases and fragrances.

    The mark of a quality patchouli is a sweetness which remains until there is no perception of the oil left. Contrary to popular belief, a fine patchouli oil should not smell dirty or wet but rather like earth freshly turned on a warm day. Patchouli leaves that are scalded and matured before distillation produce oils that are free from harsh notes and never smell muddy. One of the yardsticks we use to measure the quality of patchouli is the amount of patchouli alcohol (PA). Our range runs from 30% to 60% in our sublime molcular distilled product. We also offer 99% pure patchouli alcohol in crystal form for those very special projects.

    To help you pick the best of our patchouli products for your needs, refer to the quick comparison guide at the bottom of this page.

    Quick Comparison Guide

    Product Information
    Patchouli Light Aceh PA38 Light in colour and lighter in strength, but still a bold and rich patchouli oil. Suits masculine scents. Distilled in stainless steel.
    Patchouli Dark PA32 Classic dark patchouli oil. This was the go-to patchouli in bygone days. It has more character and depth than light oil. Distilled in iron.

    Patchouli Heart MD PA50 Our favorite all-purpose patchouli oil. Light in colour and wonderfully sweet and balanced. The least dank of all our patchouli oils.

    Patchouli Vintage 14 Yrs Fourteen year old dark patchouli. Aging makes the oil sweeter and more intense. Luxurious and expensive.

    Compliance Statement

    All of our products are compliant with EU law and the New Zealand Cosmetic Products Group Standard. To the best of our knowledge, none of our bases contain EU prohibited materials and IFRA compliance is possible depending on usage (see individual product pages for specific information).

    Fraterworks® may not be held responsible for any damages arising from the wrongful use of our products.