Acclaimed Bases

    Add radiance, power and complexity to your scents with these professional blends — practical and ready to use building blocks for inspiring fragrances. From genuine golden-age bases used in the best selling fragrances in history, to radiant modern accords exploiting the latest aromachemicals. We also stock third party bases.

    Best-In-Class Aroma Chemicals

    Not all aroma chemicals are made equal! We offer best-in-class selections from the top fragrance laboratories around the world. With Fraterworks you know exactly what you are getting… and from whom.

    Curated Essential Oils & Absolutes

    Luxurious and exclusive natural oils & absolutes, resins and tinctures. From rare and difficult to find naturals from around the globe to the finest materials from the industry's top tier suppliers.

    Pure Natural Isolates

    The finest extractions from natural starting materials. Perfect for adding an extra special touch of luxury to your perfumes, or to make 100% natural ISO 9235 compliant bases.

    Citrus Suite

    Presenting our suite of luxurious citrus oils, chosen especially from the very best products used in the fragrance industry. Many of our citrus oils have been picked in collaboration with CAPUA 1880, as loved by Creed, Guerlain, and more.

    Golden Age Bases

    Back in the limelight after decades, the golden ages collection features revivals of the very best bases of the twentieth century when perfume artistry was at its peak.

    Florals collection

    The must-have florals. Offering artistic fantasy blends and masterful floral oil and absolute replacers.

    Technical Products

    Products that serve a particular purpose or have special uses.