The Creation Of Luxury

    The Creation Of Luxury

    Whether it be in the careful restoration of a historic base or the crafting of a new modern masterpiece, Fraterworks uses only the finest offerings of nature and science. From the warmth of clovebuds harvested in the unspoiled wilds of Zanzibar, to aroma chemicals isolated from the wonders of the aroma world — olfactory jewels such as geraniol from palma rosa, linalool from bois de rose and cinnamyl alcohol from sweet styrax.

    In the pursuit of excellence we eschew the conveniences of mass production, putting the same care into the blending of our products as the farmers and foragers who gather and prepare the resins, essential oils and absolutes we rely on.

    And even when we turn to the dazzling discoveries of aroma scientists for synthetic aromatics, we still demand only the best. We put as many hours into selecting exquisite chemicals as we do to formulating and blending.

    Fraterworks proudly turns the clock back to a time in which beauty was paramount. We are able to supply perfumers of today with the products of a philosophy long thought past. While our competitors reformulate to reduce costs and banish difficult to acquire raw materials, we excel in the use of the rare and special.

    Our historic restorations are true to the original formulas, making graceful changes only when necessary to comply with legislative restrictions. If we must remove a prohibited material we work tirelessly to find an equal or better alternative; this we are able to do thanks to many years experience in forensic perfumery. 

    We work in the temperate climate of New Zealand using classical time-proven equipment and techniques such as straw box storage, glass bottles and natural temperatures for maturation. Care and attention to detail is applied at every stage of our creative and manufacturing processes.

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