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    Aroma Chemicals

    Filbertone 1% TEC

    Filbertone 1% TEC

    CAS: 81925-81-7
    Supplier: Symrise
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    Wonderful for gourmand or woody scents, Filbertone (AKA filbert heptenone) naturally contributes to the odour of hazelnuts and is also a minor component of the scent of chocolate. Due to its astonishing power, we are offering this at 1% diluted in natural triethyl citrate (TEC).

    Filbertone blends beautifully with Sandexol®, Ambrexol™, Wild Cherry and Fleur de Cassie.

    Appearance: Colourless liquid
    Longevity: Lasts 2 hours on a smelling strip. View full details

    "This chemical mostly used in flavors by mistake can give to us unexpected great accords in perfumery. When properly diluted (since it is too strong to evaluate when pure) it is fresh, fruity, green, exotic and nutty. At 0.1% it boosts most of the great citrusy and floral accords and it is impressive how it works with the 3-thiohexyl esters and with Tropathiane, Oxane, cassis thiol and Passifloran, creating vibrant shades quite difficult to describe. I use it almost everywhere and it is part of some of my fragrances for the royals since accords of, naturally in minute amounts[,] bring to us almost addictive fragrances."

    A. B. Camps. Perfumery: Techniques In Evolution, 2nd edition. Carol Stream: Allured Publishing Corporation, 2009.


    📂 CAS N° 81925-81-7
    ⚖️ MW: 126 g/mol
    👃🏼 Odour Type: Hazelnut, pungent, woody, ketonic
    📈 Odour Strength: High
    🔎 Appearance: Colourless liquid
    ⏳ Longevity: Lasts 2 hours on a smelling strip
    📙 Synonyms: Filbert heptenone, 5-methylhept-2-en-4-one

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