Our products come with mulitple sets of documentation. This page explains the meaning of each.


    This document (a Safety Data Sheet) is used by couriers and anyone managing or handling the product. It contains the information needed to work out how to safely transport or store chemicals and other raw materials. It is the first reference when encountering spills or when the material comes into contact with a human. These are also sometimes known as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or PSDS (Product Safety Data Sheet).

    IFRA 49 or IFRA 51

    IFRA is the voluntary body that produces recommendations for the safe use of fragrance materials. The latest standard is IFRA 51. This document tells you the upper limits of use for various applications, from fine fragrances and soaps, to facial cosmetics. This is the most important document for a perfumer.

    EU Allergens

    This contains the list of 26 allergens that must be declared on cosmetic product labels (including perfume) in the EU and many other countries. It breaks down the exact amount of each (if any) of those allergens in the associated product so perfumers know what must be declared.


    This is a certificate of analysis which is a laboratory prepared document detailing the physical characteristics of a material.  It can include performance data, handling data and conformity with set standards.


    Technical Data Sheets are specifications that give a summary of the technical characterises of a thing.