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    Came fast and top notch item.

    Dihydro Gamma Ionone
    Daniel Pierce
    Dihydro Ionone Gamma

    Amazing! Most beautiful Ionone! Combinations with other ionones, especially Dihydro Alpha and Beta, are unmatched!

    Absolute Ambergris™
    Srikanth Santhanam
    THE BEST...👑

    Wow......THE BEST. I found a synthetic ambergris a few years ago online. It was everything except the fixation and animalic odor. It dried down to sweet, ambery finish. This ambergris is everthing you want from ambergris absolute, but 100% vegan. Just mind blowing. This will be my No. 1 Ambergris until Frater comes up with something new.

    Excellent Quality

    Unsurpassed quality! I will surely be ordering more in future.

    S. U.
    This is heavenly

    As soon and I smelled Orconox, I immediately made it into a single ingredient fragrance. I've received many compliments on it mixed at 10%. It adds an inexplicable luxury to florals and gourmands and turned an ordinary simple formula with notes of vanilla and a hint of smokiness into a diffusive and complex luxurious scent. It's probably a good thing it's expensive or I'd overdose it in everything I make.

    Ambre Royal
    Srikanth Santhanam
    Truly Royal!

    Sweetness, the sophistication and regal quality come together to make this base truly royal. Some amber bases can be oversweet. This has the right sweetness. A must have in everyone's perfume toolkit!

    An absolute game changer!

    If you could Define an alcohol as being crisp and clean this would be it!

    High quality Methyl Anthranilate

    I have used Methyl Anthranilate in making some schiff’s base and I have got a very good result.

    Neroli Supreme

    The scent wafting from the container was neither soap fragrance oil nor orange blossom absolute, but certainly a blend of neroli essential oil. This mysterious scent is not chemical in nature and can be used as a substitute for neroli essential oil. Is it worth using expensive neroli any longer? I love this Neroli Supreme 😀

    Ambrofix™ (Ambroxan)
    Dave Millington

    The best quality I’ve found

    Lilas Blanc
    Andre Sabbagh
    Lilas Blanc

    Lilas Blanc is a very nice base, it’s soft and very bright.

    Ambrofix™ (Ambroxan)
    Jerry Mallard
    Ambrofix Gividiauan

    I've used many of the other Ambroxan materials, but Ambrofix was my first go at it. Of course, my first impression was why did I wait so long to get this. Ambrofix has deep ambery, woody scent. First impression is that I find it more pleasant to the senses than the others I've tried. Ambrox, Ambrox Super, Ambroxan, Ambrox DL, so on. They all have their place in perfumery. I'm still new at this & making assessments and learning where things fit in stage. Thanks Jamie!

    Olibanum Coeur MD
    Bahri Sofiane

    Parfait comme la description. Matière de qualité

    Van Bui
    Best Amboxan

    I thought AMBROFIX was the best, Orcanox just kills it. It is much more smooth on the nose without the sharpness

    Vetiver Bourbon “Signature” Oil
    Charalambos Charalambous

    Probably the best vetiver Bourbon in the market.
    Beautiful and complex with lots of sweet green profile that even the most demanding will be satisfied..There is a fresh clean grassy tone almost citrus like, a wet resinous base dancing together with a balsamic sweet nutty and earthy masculine character making it a rich layered aroma that stands alone as a perfume..

    Olibanum CNC
    Lukáš Reitinger

    Yes, and what! Incredibly well blended! Together with Jasmine Imperial, it can form a wonderful pair in a Tuscan Leather type fragrance. As already written, it works as a perfume on its own. Just dilute, spray, close your eyes and transport yourself in meditation to the cathedral and quietly enjoy its sacred atmosphere...

    Iso E Super™ is a remarkable fragrance ingredient

    Iso E Super™ is a remarkable fragrance ingredient known for its velvety, woody, and subtly sweet scent. It enhances any perfume with a unique and captivating aura, offering a soft yet persistent fragrance that lingers beautifully on the skin. Its versatility and ability to blend seamlessly with other notes make it a staple in modern perfumery, loved by perfumers and consumers alike for its distinctive and elegant olfactory signature.

    Ambrofix™ is an exceptional fragrance ingredient

    Ambrofix™ is an exceptional fragrance ingredient that elevates any scent composition with its rich, woody, and amber-like profile. Its long-lasting and complex aroma adds depth and sophistication, making it a favorite among perfumers. The high purity and consistency of Ambrofix™ ensure that every application achieves a luxurious and captivating olfactory experience.

    Absolute Joy

    This is the one. Brighter and greener than some other sambacs, with a healthy indolic hit that just screams class and elegance. This now features in most of my compositions. Absolute joy and excellence

    Paradise Molecule®

    Paradise Molecule®

    Not so Faux moss

    This is a really great recreation of the absolute. I did a side by side comparison with the real thing, both diluted to 10%.
    Almost identical.
    I find Oakmoss develops some slightly odd notes as it fades away, but Fauxmoss seems to be way cleaner in that regard.

    Prunol SP
    Great Classic Base

    Instantly took me back to feminite du bois by serge lutens/shiseido. Gives a great classic antiquated feel to any blend.

    Very versatile

    Great product for any citrus component

    Karma Husband



    Parfait, conforme à la description. Je recommanderais