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    I was looking for Réséda to recreate vintage fragrances and I found this website.
    It's a goldmine for nostalgic scents.
    This base is very nice, floral, fruity and green at the same time.
    Not a floral you see everyday. I like it a lot.

    Olibanum Coeur MD
    Lorenz Siena
    Super incense

    Very long lasting church type incense. Indispensable!

    Beautiful, smooth, animalic material

    This lovely tincture manages to capture both the slightly cheesy/barnyard animalic scent of civet while also creating a velvety an luminous texture to whatever you blend it with. So lovely with florals!


    Rough and off-putting; the real stuff! Absolute magic when added even in tiny doses. Makes you realize what we've lost.

    Sweet and Nuclear

    This as the fruity half of Mitsouko! Unfortunately I underestimated its power and didn't dilute it prior to using it in the Demo Mitsouko formula. Don't do that.

    Refinement in a Bottle

    I was nostalgic for the quality of old perfumes but afraid of the vintage market, and happened upon this site. I am working my way through the Demo formulas and, though they are not meant to be exact replicas, the results have surpassed my expectations. The exercise is bothe teaching me about formula construction, historical trends, and giving me beautiful perfumes to wear. Iralia gives that elegance characteristic of the classic Guerlains and Chanels. A lovely powdery, woody iris!

    Baroque Beauty

    Jamie had warned me that this was not based on any actual orchid, but I still imagined it would smell like some glorious heady cattleyas that can smell like a perfume in themselves. Of course he was right, this base does not smell like an actual orchid. It is a complex aldehidic floral with gravitas. Smelling it I was filled with nostalgia. I don't know if it reminded me exactly of a vintage perfume in my scent memory or rather of the quality, detail, and beauty that we used to experience in our world. I am very grateful for artists such as Jamie who maintain and create these experiences of awe and beauty. These are the things that make us human.


    Smelling this neat out of the bottle is fantastic - it's gorgeous on it's own - and opens so many blending ideas. A truly lovely base

    Good quality rose absolute

    I will be using this absolute from now on for my perfumes.


    This was my first time smelling natural rhodinol, and it makes all the difference in the world. Beautiful.

    Fleur De Tabac
    Masculine and Abundant

    This flower base is masculine by itself. Perfect floral note for hard boiled theme perfume.

    Addendum: Goes White Lily After An Hour

    It's not your garden variety white lily off the bat, but changes to a generic white lily after an hour or so. 36 hours in and the whole second floor is scented from just one blotter...

    Lys de France
    Michael Long

    This will fill a room. It's not very traditional lily but could pass if needed and is one of the best white florals out there. Buy the next size up from what you think you want, otherwise you will go back (like I am doing...). It is one of Frater's bases that is a 'perfume' out of the bottle...

    Mysore Australia

    Was curious just to smell this. Basically one gets the creamy side of Santalum album but the oil is not very warm in the way real Mysore classic oil is. The wood smells okay as far as it's maturity. Good not great heartwood.

    Thanks for the review David! Isn't it amazing how the same trees in a different climates and soil can produce such unique products? I love the extra nuttiness of this Australian wood - I find it asserts itself in just the right way.

    Amazing oil !

    This is hands down the best blue chamomile oil I have ever tried. It has a beautiful sweetness that I don't find in any of my other oils and even though it gets used in small amounts in some of my blends, it does make a positive difference. With Jamie's ''Signature'' oils, the quality really shines ! Thanks for procuring these high quality ingredients !

    Thanks for the review Louis! When the first sample of this chamomile arrived from the farm I immediately knew I had to have it. The passion of the farmer for his products is abundantly clear.

    THE Vanillin

    This is certainly the most "Vanilla" like vanillin I have personally tried. Others are almost cloudy in comparison, as this also seems to let other elements shine without overpowering. It has the creamy / edible qualities of Vanitrope (propenyl guaethol) without dominating the compositions. I use with a touch of veratrole, to make a fantastic Vanilla Absolute Replacer.

    This is now the only vanillin I use (unless I must use natural). Thanks for the review Charlie! I'm glad you're as much a fan as I.

    Smells amazing but…

    Didn’t realize it gets so solid. Any recommendations on how to handle? Can you give me the weight of the bottle so I can just add alcohol? Or does it need to be heated? But seriously the smell is out of this world. All the sparkle and lift of a bulgar rose but with much more depth and chiaro Scuro.

    Hi Viktor! I'm glad you like the rose otto - I use it a lot and love it too. There is 1 gram in the bottle you ordered so simply add 4 grams of the diluent of your choice (We recommend TEC or Ethanol) and you will have a 20% strength solution. You will need to gentle warm it to get it to blend - even walking around with it in your pocket for ten minutes should do the trick - nothing much hotter than body temperature.

    Angelique Cash

    Such a beautiful blend of Iris and Orris Butter. Unlikely a lot of bases that incorporate these 2 notes, it's not just powdery and candy-like, it's quite photo realistic, nuanced, and rich. If I could afford to make truly use it as a base I would in heartbeat, but that aside just a couple of drops adds elegance and substance to many formulas.

    Thanks for reviewing this product Angelique! I agree wholeheartedly. It is a versatile base that works in mere traces. It's wonderful with rose ketones also and should certainly be the star of a rose / iris fragrance à la Lipstick Rose.

    Olibanum CNC
    Angelique Cash
    Beautifully Balanced.

    I purchased a tiny bit of this to play around with, and now it's just become and essential part of my collection. It's a beautifully balanced base, that invokes the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. It can be used as a base, I love to use it as an additional note and tobacco, honey, and clove based fragrances. LOVE

    Tobacco,. honey and clove sounds like a match made in heaven! This is one of those bases that can really add complexity and richness without dominating. Thanks for your review!

    Yes this is an elegant rose material I actually wish I ordered a larger amount. Its smooth sophisticated and makes you want to keep smelling

    I must admit I always go back to the bottle for a sneaky sniff when I need a touch of rose in my life. Thanks for the review SL - there's plenty of Rose Imperiale waiting for you when you're ready to order more!

    A rare treat. Excellent

    If you are looking for an elegant and natural rose note without reaching for the regular aroma chemicals, this is a one stop shop. The effects achieved with Rhodinol are superior in this perfumers opinion, to that of geraniol and l-citronellol, and if you are looking for a linear and consistent rose note in your composition, this is for you. I often use this in place of rose absolutes and anywhere I need floral reinforcement. Excellent.

    I use it in exactly the same way - it is such a versatile rose material that was exploited far more often in the past than nowadays. Thanks Charlie!


    I've received this jewel yesterday, this is really stunningly beautiful oakmoss, green and not the brown paste I have from another supplier (H).
    I am really happy that Fraterworks offers this true oakmoss gem, Let's get mixing!
    By the way: The delivery of my order to Europe is very fast in my opinion, Bravo!

    Thanks for the review Guido! This is undeniably the nicest oakmoss out there. It's softness is almost hard to believe. This is what I compare all IFRA oakmoss products to to judge how close they come to classic perfection post molecular distillation.

    Miel Blanc
    Avninder Mutchall Rikhi industries

    I havent still used it and will send a detailed review later

    Thanks Avninder! I'm sure you'll love this base. It is so beloved it has cemented its name in history forever!

    Orris Root Tincture 10%
    Antonio Martellotta
    An Unexpected Surprise

    A beautiful floral scent in an Iris tincture was not in my expectations. In addition to the characteristics common to the root of Iris, this product also shows off the delicacy of purple flowers that excites the senses every time I smell it. I'm curious to use it in my next blend. Thank you Fraterworks.

    Jamie Listens

    Looks like it will be available in organic shortly. Thank you for listening!!!