Ylang-Ylang At Fraterworks

    In ylang-ylang production terms, the “superior” oil is taken during the first few minutes of steam distilled extraction, giving the fruitiest and most ethereal top notes. Following that is this more balanced (and most beautiful representation of the flower in nature) “extra” grade which can comprise up to 40 or 50% of the total remaining oil. The functional remnants are sold as grade I, grade II and grade III or taken on the whole as “complete” oil. Of those remnants, only complete and grade III are of value to modern perfumers with grade III being a cheaper and more discreet oil and “complete oil” being useful as a general mid-range ylang ylang which blends very well with most other florals.

    To help you pick the best of our ylang products for your needs, refer to the quick comparison guide at the bottom of this page.

    All of our ylang-ylang is grown and produced in the Union of the Comoros and neighbouring Madagascar.

    Quick Comparison Guide

    Product Information
    Ylang-Ylang Extra Oil, Organic The finest and most balanced all round ylang-ylang is this organically certified “Extra” quality distilled in Comoros on the same day as harvesting. If you only use one ylang-ylang oil, this is it.
    Ylang-Ylang Extra Superior Used in Chanel № 5 due its penetrating top notes. Taken from the first few minutes of distillation, this oil makes its presence known from the first spray. Less body than “extra” oil. Not organic so less expensive than the more rounded ylang-ylang extra oil.
    Ylang-Ylang Complete An oil which includes all the facets of the distillation including the less desirable ylang-ylang I, II and III. Hearty body which works well as a more behaved heart note.
    Ylang-Ylang III This is the oil from the final minutes of distillation. It contains virtually no volatile top notes. This is the quiet ylang-ylang, good for general floralisation without a very subtle ylang-ylang note. This is the starter material for Robertet's molecular distilled Lisylang® Heart product.
    Ylang Impériale A Fraterworks ylang-ylang replacer base that can be used at a whopping 7.4% of your finished product as opposed to ylang-ylang oil which is restricted to a meagre 0.73%. Loaded with luxurious naturals.

    Compliance Statement

    All of our products are compliant with EU law and the New Zealand Cosmetic Products Group Standard. To the best of our knowledge, none of our bases contain EU prohibited materials and IFRA compliance is possible depending on usage (see individual product pages for specific information).

    Fraterworks® may not be held responsible for any damages arising from the wrongful use of our products.