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    Muscone Laevo

    Muscone Laevo

    CAS: 10403-00-6
    Supplier: Firmenich
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    There can be no doubt that Firmenich is usurpassed in the production of the finest musks. From Helvetolide® to Muscenone®, their products reign supreme. We are currently the only retail supplier of their incredible Muscone Laevo, the highest quality form of muscone produced by any company and the chemical which is at the very heart of genuine natural Tonkin deer musk.

    When compared to the more common (and inferior) muscone (usually referred to simply as "muscone"), laevo muscone is stronger, more animalic, more natural and more erogenous. Arcadi Boix Camps once opined: “It is perceptible in very small amounts and its fixation is so extreme that it seems incredible. Although it doesn’t substitute completely for the natural product, it is equal to it on the lasting properties. We can consider it outstanding and it imparts great elegance.” It should be noted that some people are completely anosmic to muscone and laevo muscone.

    This noble product adds astounding fixation and a ribbon of refined and luxurious animalic warmth. Sniffing Firmenich's Laevo Muscone is like burying your face in a rich fur coat. Undeniably this musk is essential for every perfumer.

    Appearance: Colourless liquid
    Longevity: Lasts > 400 hours on a smelling strip. View full details


    📂 CAS N° 10403-00-6
    ⚖️ MW: 238.41 g/mol
    👃🏼 Odour Type: Animal, powdery, musk
    📈 Odour Strength: High
    🔎 Appearance: Colourless liquid
    ⏳ Longevity: Lasts > 400 hours on a smelling strip
    📙 Synonyms: (-)-3-methylcyclopentadecanone

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    Smells so good!

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