Demonstration Formulas

    While many of the demo formulas are original, we have also included many famous historic and modern fragrances. We create our "smells-like" demonstration formulas from industry knowledge in combination with extensive GCMS analyses of actual fragrances (including many which are decades old to get as close to the originals as possible).

    This list is ordered by publication date of the demonstration formula starting with the most recent first.

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    Formula ⬇️ Description Smells-Like
    Twilly Dreams Our finest Twilly smells alike formula using only the best materials. Outstanding performance. Twilly (2017)
    Royal Vetyver Inspired by the very simple formula of the 1957 woody masterpiece by Edouard Hache. Vetiver (1957)
    Eau de Coty A classical cologne built around CAPUA citrus with herbs and spices. Eau de Coty (1909)
    Rose Dorian Deep red rose base in the style of classic Dorinia SA E. Pure luxury with just twelve ingredients. Rose Dorinia
    Vetiver 1959 Hall of fame Vetiver fragrance from Guerlain. The 1959 edition. Marvelous even today. Guerlain Vetiver (1959)
    Poison Demonstrates the use of Lyfral® to replace Lyral in a fragrance which relied heavily on that now-banned chemical. Lovely in its own right and powerful! Poison (1985)
    Tropicalia Gardenia rich tropical island perfume in just eight lines! Visit paradise with this formula demonstrating Aerolide® and Paradise Molcule™.
    Fahrenheit Unique Dior fragrance by Jean-Louis Sieuzac which caused a revolution in the industry thanks to its overdose of Methyl Heptine Carbonate. Fahrenheit (1988)
    Dior Dior Incredibly rare, this is the ill-fated last fragrance by Roudnitska for Dior. Considered his finest perfume. Dior Dior (1976)
    Nuit de Noel The first perfume to feature the wonderful Mousse de Saxe base. A spiced Christmas delight by Ernest Daltroff for Caron. Nuit de Noel (1922)
    Rallet Le № 1 Ernest Beaux' historic fragrance… № 5 before Chanel. Analysed by Philip Kraft et al of Givaudan and realised by Jamie Frater of Fraterworks. Rallet Le № 1 (1913 / 1923)
    Iris Gris The complete and original formula for the greatest iris and peach perfume ever created… Fath's Iris Gris. Iris Gris (1946)
    Tabu Jean Carles' greatest masterpiece. Created when Javier Serra asked for “A perfume a prostitute would wear.” Tabu… the forbidden fragrance. Tabu (1932)
    Opium Eater Spicy oriental for men from YSL by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier. Opium Pour Homme (1995)
    Aventus Vintage A "Nearly" Aventus formula with minor modifications and enhancements.

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    Aventus (2010)
    Joy The original Joy of Jean Patou with a touch of sympathetic modernisation. Joy (1930)
    Mitsouko The great Guerlain fragrance that made the Persicol base famous. A lovely soft fruity chypre. Mitsouko (1919)
    1,000 Extrait Extremely expensive luxury fragrance from the house of Patou by master perfumer Jean Kerleo. Patou 1000, Extrait (1972)
    Patou Pour Homme Perhaps the finest men's fougère ever. Rare, precious and over $1,000 a bottle on eBay! Patou Pour Homme (1980)
    Shocking Jean Carles' magnificent pink floral bouquet fragrance for Schiaparelli. Shocking (1937)
    Arpège Hall of fame winning floral aldehyde. The original formula with all bases and naturals intact and available. Arpège (1927)
    Ruby Crystal A very modern sheer fragrance that overloads hedione, evernyl and ambrox. Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait (2017)
    My 7 The first great oud fragrance in the Western oeuvre. Containing… no natural oud! A YSL masterpiece. M7 (2002)
    Chinoiserie A sweet patchouli bomb with white chocolate and florals. Coromandel (2016)
    Pompeia A wonderfully unique cologne from the early 20th century. Geranium meets salicylates, aldehydes and heliotrope. Pompeia (1907)
    Homme Privé Considered one of the greatest men's fragrances in history. Lavender, hay, spices and patchouli. What's not to love? Patou Pour Homme Privé (1994)
    Twirly Classic ginger-fresh tuberose like Twilly by Hermes. A wonderful starting point for more fun flankers. Twilly (2017)
    Brut “The essence of man.” Ruined by legislation and reformulation the Brut sold today is awful. Here is the original formula so you can enjoy this true treasure of masculine fragrance history. Brut (1968)
    Egotist Égoïste was the masterful sequel to Chanel's failed Bois Noir (1987); rich with Mysore sandalwood. Égoïste (1990)
    Vetiver Tommaso Significant for its core of eight bases, the greatest vetiver in history. Vetiver Carven (1957)
    Fougère Royale The first synthetic fragrance in history with 10% coumarin. Fougère Royale (1882)
    Amrita An ultra modern sandalwood and geranium scent for soaps built on an overdose of Sandexol® and pure Ambrocenide® crystals. Sandalwood Soap
    Nuit de Chine Intensely animalic fougère by Maurice Shaller for Rosine perfumes. Launched in 1913. Nuit de Chine (1913)
    Black Dress Beautiful mellis fragrance based on the 1980s floral oriental by Chanel. Coco (1984)
    Cheops Geuerlain's 1927 mysterious vetiver and galbanum fragrance to celebrate the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb. 1,000 bottles were re-released in 1996. Djedi (1996 Reissue)
    Twilight Fern The last fragrance made by Francois Coty before he died: the crepuscular fernery. Fougeraie Au Crepuscule (1928)
    Femme Fatale Fruity chypre by Edmond Roudnitska for Rochas. Featuring the lovely prunol base. Femme (1944)
    White Tabac A fantasy interpretation of the acclaimed gold age perfume Tabac Blond by Caron. Tabac Blond (1919)
    Tartan Dream Pierre Bourdon's supreme fragrance for Creed. Three years later it was the model for his other masterpiece: Cool Water. Green Irish Tweed (1985)
    Kayak Canoe. By Jean Carles for Dana. Basically Fougère Royale with an anise and heliotrope boost. Canoe (1936)
    VBNA Homme Original YSL pour homme - a classic masculine with a fresh verbena top note. Modernised and enhanced. YSL Pour Homme (1971)
    Aventus 17Y01 The sought after batch 17Y01 of Creed's Aventus. Best online formula and it's free! Aventus (2010)
    Oh! Sauvage The original Dior cologne built off cologne imperiale. Better than the original. Eau Sauvage (1966)
    Jicky 1889 This is how it was done! The first Jicky of Guerlain: tinctures, oils and cologne imperiale instead of alcohol. Jicky (1889)
    Chypre The original 1917 formulation of Coty's hallowed fragrance: Chypre. Chypre (1917)
    L'Origan “All Paris smells of L'Origan!” A masterclass in classical fine fragrance making. L'Origan (1905)
    Jacqui A modernised construction method for the classic Guerlain, Jicky. Jicky (1889)
    Unleaded One of the best ’90s fragrances for men. Released originally as DK then rereleased as Unleaded. DK Donna Karan (1994)
    San Sebastian Another ’90s masterpiece, Balenciage Pour Homme is loaded with honey notes. Balenciaga Pour Homme (1994)
    Rex Flores The fragrance is better than our Latin, we promise! A new Chanel classic. Le Lion (2020)
    Corsican Flowers The early Coty fragrance beloved by the Russian royal family. A lilac and jasmine multifloral. Jasmin de Corse (1906)
    La Rose “1906” The fragrance that launched the Coty empire! A beautiful rose multi-floral. La Rose Jacqueminot (1906)
    Blend Five The 2000s edition of the iconic Chanel fragrance. We also have a vintage formula. No 5 (2000)
    Northern Bliss A woody fruity chypre based on pink acacia and gardenia. Sandalwood galore.
    Gorgeous Green A modern take on the mid-century Carven classic green chypre by Jean Carles Ma Griffe (1946)
    Sublime Ylang Inspired by the ’90s ylang-ylang bomb by Jean Kerleo for Patou. Sublime (1992)
    Aramisia Aramis, reimagined for today. A woody animalic fragrance of yore. Aramis (1966)
    Spring Evening A sweet pea and acacia multi-floral. A simply beautiful perfume.
    Diorissimo The classic muguet fragrance by Roudnitska in its original and uncut form. Diorissimo (1965)
    Thousand Flowers Another Kerleo masterwork, 1000 for Jean Patou. A blend of florals and aldehydes. 1000 (1972)
    Perfumer's Palette Simple demonstrator for using the Fraterworks® Perfumer's Palette™ colours.
    Savage Leather Following in the footsteps of the great Knize Ten by Coty and Roubert. A must try. Knize Ten (1920s)
    Forbidden Secret Vintage No 5, trimmed and tidied and fit for today. No 5 (1921)