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    Vanillin “Signature”

    Vanillin “Signature”

    CAS: 121-33-5
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    Vanillin has been on the market since 1874 and in the years since its discovery little has changed… until now. In recent years a new vanillin has appeared, a food grade (FCCX) vanillin ex guaiacol which blows the classic "greats" such as vanillin ex lignin and natural vanillin ex clove out of the water. This new vanilla masterpiece is our wonderful “signature” vanillin.

    This is the creamiest, sweetest and most full vanillin. Imagine crushing a handful of plump vanilla pods in your hands and inhaling the wonderful smell: this is that scent. Fraterworks is currently the only supplier of this incredible vanillin to the artisanal fine fragrance market. We are sure you'll be a convert for life once you try this.

    Arctander says this of vanillin in general: “Among the more common perfume materials, Vanillin is one of the most tenacious odors known.”; “Its intense sweetness is utilized in industrial masking odors and in high-cost luxury perfumes, and it can be used in almost any type of fragrance, from woody or herbaceous to Oriental or floral.”

    Vanillin "Signature" is GMO free.

    And perfumer Jean Claude Ellena makes the following recommendations for some fun chocolate accords using vanillin:

    Plain Chocolate: Vanillin + patchouli
    Chocolate Ganache: Vanillin + a touch of civet absolute
    After Eights: Vanillin + spearmint (or Black Mitchan Peppermint for a British twist)
    Cocoa Powder: Vanillin + Orris Germanica

    Appearance: White crystalline powder
    Longevity: Lasts > 1 month on a smelling strip. View full details


    📂 CAS N° 121-33-5
    ⚖️ MW: 152.15 g/mol
    👃🏼 Odour Type: Vanilla
    📈 Odour Strength: medium
    🔎 Appearance: White crystalline powder
    ⏳ Longevity: Lasts > 200 hours on a smelling strip
    📙 Synonyms: Vanillic aldehyde, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzaldehyde

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    Customer Reviews

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    Elegant, creamy, sensual and lasting. It's divine.

    This is a beautiful vanillin. It has a really fine quality and there's nothing cloying, sickly or sticky about it even though of course it is sweet. It smells extremely elegant, rich and luxurious. If you imagine, the first time you loved Chanel No 5 and noticed the vanilla, it's *this* vanilla. Creamy and sensual, it's very lasting. You will be delighted with this purchase.

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