Collection: Perfumer's Palette

    Bring life to your perfumes with the Fraterworks® Perfumer's Palette™, a ready-to-use array of perfume-safe liquid dyes. Simply blend one or more colours with your perfumer's alcohol prior to adding fragrance oil.

    Mere traces add nuance while larger amounts add vibrance and wow-factor. Specially formulated by Fraterworks, you can trust the Perfumer's Palette to help your products stand out in a saturated market.

    Compliance Statement

    All of our products are compliant with EU law and the New Zealand Cosmetic Products Group Standard. To the best of our knowledge, none of our bases contain EU prohibited materials and IFRA compliance is possible depending on usage (see individual product pages for specific information).

    Fraterworks® may not be held responsible for any damages arising from the wrongful use of our products.