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    Grojsman Plus

    Grojsman Plus

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    In 1990 IFF perfumer Sophia Grojsman changed the face of perfumery when she created Trésor for Lâncome with an accord which overdosed four materials (Hedione®, Galaxolide®, Gamma Methyl Ionone and Iso E Super™). In so doing she created a canvas style accord (nicknamed a "hug me" accord) which can be used as the basis for virtually any type of perfume.

    What we present here is that great accord in a low-ionone form with Paradise Molecule® and discreet enhancements to add radiance and extend longevity. This is the ultimate Grojsman accord and it can be used at up to 55% of your finished fragrance. Just add your favourite blend or base to Grojsman Plus and you have a complete modern perfume.

    See the formula below for our re-envisioning of Guerlain's Champs Élysées (1996) fragrance to understand how to work with this base.

    Appearance: Colourless liquid
    Longevity: Lasts more than one month on a smelling strip

    ⓘ Note
    This is neither a perfume nor a foodstuff; it is a raw material for use in manufacturing. Do not consume. Do not apply to skin. Keep away from children.

    General Information

    Like most suppliers and makers of quality raw materials for fragrances, we do not filter many of our products. This ensures that no odiferous matter is lost prior to use but can result in the appearance of small particles or slight clouding.

    All alcoholic fragrances should be macerated for up to a month and then chilled in a moderate freezer overnight before being filtered fine. This will remove all cloudiness or detritus and is the industry norm.

    Usage Restrictions

    Permitted amounts in finished product:

    IFRA 51: 55.5%
    IFRA 49: 55.5%

    These are derived from calculated concentrations which do not replace chromatographic quantification on individual lots. Disclaimer...

    Label Requirements

    Ingredients may need to be listed as per your local legislation based on data found in the EU allergens report.

    Additional Requirements

    No additional labelling requirements.

    For Trade Use Only

    Our products are intended as building blocks in the perfume creation process; they are not to be applied to the skin undiluted.

    These raw materials are for use by the perfumery trade only.

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    Demonstration Formulas

    Fraterworks demonstration formulas give you real-world examples of how our products are used. See the complete index.

    Champs Élysées — A Feminine Fragrance

    Angelhead — A Fruit Fragrance

    * Disclaimer

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      All of our products are compliant with EU 1223/2009 and the NZCPGS. None of our bases contain prohibited materials and regulatory compliance is possible depending on usage.

    • IFRA Conformity

      All of our bases can be used in products requiring conformity with the latest IFRA standards. Fraterworks is an official member of IFRA and the FFAANZ.

    • Nitro Musks

      Some of our products may contain small amounts of EU and IFRA compliant musk ketone. We never use musk xylene, musk ambrette or any other prohibited materials.