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    Essential Oils

    Styrax Essential Oil, Honduras

    Styrax Essential Oil, Honduras

    CAS: 8046-19-3
    Variety: Liquidambar styraciflua L.
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    Styrax (or more correctly storax) is a sweet and delicate material which blends well with the other classic perfumery resins; it works well as a fixative (especially for iris notes).

    Styrax is most commonly found as a resinoid or absolute, but this more rare hexane free essential oil is a beautiful material for florals, particularly delicates ones such as muguet.

    Felt more in the top notes but still a classic resinous dry down, this is really quite a valuable material at a very good price.

    The proper naming conventions for all balsams is:

    Crude Balsam → Steam Distillation → Essential Oil [this product]
    Crude Balsam → Non-Ethanol Solvent Extraction → Resinoid
    Crude Balsam → Ethanol Extraction → Resin Absolute [and sometimes resinoid]

    While a resin absolute is often wrongly referred to simply as an "absolute", the correct use of that term within the balsams category is for an alcohol extraction of a previously extracted resinoid (usually produced with hexane or other non-alcohol solvent).

    Resinoid → Alcohol Extraction → Absolute

    NOTE: This is IFRA compliant styrax oil

    Country of Origin: Honduras
    Part: Tree exudate
    Method of production: Steam distillation at source

    Appearance: Golden liquid
    Longevity: Lasts > 400 hours on a smelling strip

    ⓘ Note
    This is neither a perfume nor a foodstuff; it is a raw material for use in manufacturing. Do not consume. Do not apply to skin. Keep away from children.

    General Information

    Like most suppliers and makers of quality raw materials for fragrances, we do not filter many of our products. This ensures that no odiferous matter is lost prior to use but can result in the appearance of small particles or slight clouding.

    All alcoholic fragrances should be macerated for up to a month and then chilled in a moderate freezer overnight before being filtered fine. This will remove all cloudiness or detritus and is the industry norm.

    IFRA Standards

    Permitted amounts in finished product:

    IFRA 51: 0.64%

    These are derived from calculated concentrations which do not replace chromatographic quantification on individual lots. Disclaimer...

    Label Requirements

    Ingredients may need to be listed as per your local legislation based on data found in the EU allergens report.

    Additional Requirements

    For Trade Use Only

    Our products are intended as building blocks in the perfume creation process; they are not to be applied to the skin undiluted.

    These raw materials are for use by the perfumery trade only.

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