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    Violet Leaf ”Signature“ Absolute

    Violet Leaf ”Signature“ Absolute

    CAS: 8024-08-6
    Supplier: Floral Concept
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    Violet leaf absolute is one of the most useful in perfumery, lending naturalness and freshness to virtually all types of fragrances. As a modifier to the ionone family they are unsurpassed by synthetics. From traces (in fragrances such as L'Origan by Coty) to overdoses of nearly 1% pure in 1000 by Jean Patou, violet leaves contribute a magical quality that simply can't be replicated.

    Intensely green, oily, earthy and floral, violet leaf “signature” absolute is best appreciated in dilution where its myriad complex layers reveal themselves fully.

    Our violet leaf “signature” absolute comes from a renowned specialist supplier in Grasse. It is a signature product because it is the finest extraction of violet leaves we have come across, with the perfect balance of floralcy and earthiness.

    NOTE: This violet leaf absolute contains a high amount of non-soluble odiferous plant matter. It may appear cloudy in dilutions of ethanol or DPG. After chilling and filtering your finished perfume, all non-soluble matter is removed. 

    Origin: Egypt
    Variety: Viola ordoata
    Part: Leaves
    Method: Solvent extraction

    Appearance: Viscous deep green liquid
    Longevity: Lasts 48 hours on a smelling strip

    ⓘ Note
    This is neither a perfume nor a foodstuff; it is a raw material for use in manufacturing. Do not consume. Do not apply to skin. Keep away from children.

    General Information

    Like most suppliers and makers of quality raw materials for fragrances, we do not filter many of our products. This ensures that no odiferous matter is lost prior to use but can result in the appearance of small particles or slight clouding.

    All alcoholic fragrances should be macerated for up to a month and then chilled in a moderate freezer overnight before being filtered fine. This will remove all cloudiness or detritus and is the industry norm.

    IFRA Standards

    Permitted amounts in finished product:

    IFRA 51: Unlimited
    IFRA49: Unlimited

    These are derived from calculated concentrations which do not replace chromatographic quantification on individual lots. Disclaimer...

    Label Requirements

    Ingredients may need to be listed as per your local legislation based on data found in the EU allergens report.

    Additional Requirements

    For Trade Use Only

    Our products are intended as building blocks in the perfume creation process; they are not to be applied to the skin undiluted.

    These raw materials are for use by the perfumery trade only.

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    Violet Leaf ”Signature“ Absolute, An Indepth Look:

    Far more important in perfumery than the flower absolute (which is hardly available any more) are the extraction products of violet leaves. The leaves are derived from Viola Odorata, the so-called Victoria variety which is cultivated extensively in the coastal region south of Grasse, France. The plant is also cultivated in northern Italy for the extraction of leaf absolute and, more recentIy, China has started production of this interesting perfume material.

    Violet Leaf Absolutes are produced by petroleum ether extraction of the freshly harvested leaves. The resulting extract is the concrete of violet leaves. By alcohol washing, chilling and filtration of the alcoholic extract and subsequent evaporation in vacuum, an absolute is obtained. This is a viscous liquid, intensely dark green and possessing, truly a green-Ieaf odor, but with an indisputable floral and delicate note which makes it immediately reminiscent of violets in a bouquet (flowers, stems, leaves).

    is used extensively in perfumery where its tremendous diffusion and delicate naturalness is obtainable at very low concentrations of the absolute in a perfume or base. In certain floral bases, eg hyacinth, muguet, reseda, violet and in high-class chypres, in aldehydic-woody fragrances and in many fantasy types, it lends an unsurpassed elegance when skilfully used.

    S. Arctander. Perfume and flavor Materials of Natural Origin, Carol Stream: Allured Publishing Corporation, 2008, pp. 655–656.

    Demonstration Formulas

    Fraterworks demonstration formulas give you real-world examples of how our products are used. See the complete index.

    Thousand Flowers 968344 — Aldehydic Floral

    Femme Fatale — Fruity Chypre

    * Disclaimer

    Customer Reviews

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    Simon Wenzel
    Viola last

    I have been looking for this high quality Violet Leaf Abs for 10 years now since my previous source stopped selling. Other premium producers that also stock the Egyptian material simply can't mach this offering. Not only is this extract bursting with watery green, fatty freshness, this has a pronounced floralcy which sets it apart from other oils and creates that beautifully refreshing, soothing, healing feeling of dark green and purple forest magic that I have longed for, for so many years. PS: The pricepoint is unbeatable.

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